Negombo is a city that offers a sampling of all Sri Lanka attractions. It is located at close proximity to the Bandaranaike International Airport, is the most convenient sea-side town for international visitors of Sri Lanka. Due to this, Negombo is often frequented by travellers flying in and out of the Island.

Negombo was a small fishing town which was turned into one of the first beach destinations for holiday-goers looking for some sun, sand and leisure without the exhaustion of travelling to the Southern part of the Island. The city, which used to be governed by the Dutch and Portuguese, still has plenty to showcase its noteworthy colonial rule from the old Dutch Fort and Dutch Canal to the highly ornate St. Mary’s Church, which is one of the larger cathedrals of Sri Lanka. The town is even called “Little Rome” occasionally and most of the populace are Roman Catholic.

There are many attractions within this quaint town that guarantees an unmatched experience for all its visitors. The Angurukaamulla Temple is one of the oldest temples in Sri Lanka with ancient paintings, murals and a wealth of stories of a bygone era, narrated by monks and locals of the area. The wetland habitat of Muthurajawela is the largest marsh in Sri Lanka and is very popular amongst the Eco-tourists.

Visiting the beach is one of the main things to do in Negombo but food enthusiasts can whet their appetites with the wide assortment of food available in the area, from Arabic food to local seafood to whatever that tickles your fancy.